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The AAAO is an association of people who are striving toward a common goal. For more than 30 years, its members have worked to encourage the highest standards for tax administration and create a spirit of cooperation with other agencies in the State of Alabama.

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Regular meetings of the AAAO are held semi-annually, typically in March and August of each calendar year. At our semi-annual Conferences you will find pre-conference courses offered by Auburn University's Center for Governmental Services, workshops and seminars throughout the week relating to topics of interest for everyone from mappers, appraisers, support-support staff personal, elected officials, etc. and the opportunity to network with fellow assessment personnel.

The 2018 AAAO Summer Conference is coming up in Orange Beach, Alabama.

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Membership Benefits

All Members will receive a quarterly newsletter full of information regarding: upcoming courses/workshops; semi-annual conference information; informative articles on topics of interest; updates for the State Department of Revenue, job openings and etc.

Members receive discounted rates on semi-annual "Conference Registration" fees. Members receive first-hand information on upcoming courses, workshops and educational offerings throughout the State.

Members receive information on related organizations upcoming conferences. First-hand news on legislative updates.

And, most importantly membership offers a "NETWORK" of people across the State working in the field of "ad valorem" taxation and property tax administration.